The Program

  • Residential treatment for youth who are experiencing behaviour, emotional and addiction issues.
  • Parental support through family counselling and parenting workshops

30 Day Stabilization


The Experience

  • As a boot camp alternative for troubled teens, Bears Paw supports out of control teens in an environment that encourages positive, lasting change.

Behaviour Treatment

  • Clinical assessments, Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • On-site, 24/7 Therapeutic Support

Educational Support

  • While attending our '30 Day Stabilization Program' your teen will work with our certified teachers daily to continue their academic studies.
The Family Puzzle

Unlike most treatments for teens dealing with behavioural challenges, drug abuse or teen addiction, Bear's Paw Retreat is an intensive, structured, residential therapy program that assists youth to achieve positive change.

More The Family Puzzle

Families struggling to support their at risk youth need not struggle alone: our "30 Day residential behaviour treatment program" offers a dynamic boot camp alternative designed to stabilize your teens out of control behaviour, giving you the parent the tools and support to repair and rebuild your parent to child relationship.

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Bear's Paw Retreat is a youth residential facility with a difference. Bear's Paw Retreat works with troubled teens (ages 13-18) and their families throughout Canada who are experiencing family conflict including: negative peer attachment, drug and alcohol abuse, suspensions or attendance issues, dropping grades, self esteem or emotional challenges or clinical diagnosis including: ADD, ADHD, ODD.

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